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Bonjour, et bienvenue mon journal!!! My name is ashley, but I like to spell it ashlee sometimes, random i know. I'm 19 from Toronto, Ontario. I love meeting new people, whether they have my interest or not. My interest change from time to time, i'm into HP one day then Flight of the Concords the next day, yada yada. I also have strange/unique taste in musique, I go from Maxiimo Park, to Eartha Kitt, to Snow Patrol, to Joni Mitchell, and well its really random i guess, oh yeah i'm getting into WizRock now lol. So basically i am quite strange and I obviously ramble a lot about bull and I easily get off topic.

I'm currently in University studying Political Science and French. I'm quite new to french, but I love the language and try to use it anytime I can, well with the words I do know. I only recently started reading Harry Potter, i know I know i'm extremely late, but whatever. I'm in love with Rupert Grint, and his gorgeous red hair. So here are my random interest.

bunnies. rachel bilson. marc jacobs. (e4)skins. purple. samantha moore. the hills. summer dresses. coach. green tea. ugly betty. hp shippers. yoga. photoshop cs. jason sudakis. being thin. ballet. aritzia. diego luna. steve madden. the office. daydreaming. urbanoutfitters. starbucks. ipod video 30 GB. zoe kravitz. ricky gervis. scrubs. lauren conrad. indigo. SNL. imogen heap. lacoste. day dreaming. james mcavoy. michelle williams. british culture. harry potter. antm. scottish accents. oxfords. the black donnellys. anthropologie. charlotte gainsbourg. evan ross. corien bailey rae. tony hale. dr.who. sanaa lathan. gymclassheros. flight of the concrods. skins. entourage. ashley tisdale. emma watson. sophia bush. something new. broken english. wizrock. rebecca taylor. jbrand. anton yelchin. thandie newton

So if you want to be added just comment with your name, something about you and something we might have in common. I try to post often, but sometimes I cant because of school, life, etc.
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